Top 10 things I loved about living in the city…more specifically on “the block”

10. watching raccoons go through trash cans in the ally…

9. This guy (Andrew) talking to me about his job in the CIA and FBI (he works for both) as a special operative…the cops know it and leave him alone 😉 wink, wink…8. Saying “HEY-eeee” to my friends /security guards at the ATF building on a daily basis to and from the metro…They always ask about my day 🙂

7. Being called “jenny from the block” even though I loathe the name jenny (for myself…it seems to innocent for me).

6. The sun setting over houses that are over 100 years old (disclaimer: the rest of #7 is pretty cheesy). I like to make up stories about exciting untold stories these houses would have if they could talk…these houses have such amazing architecture and have had multiple demographics occupy them over the decades! If only walls could talk 😀

(I know the ATF building isn’t old…but the contrast of blue and orange is so striking…and I bet their walls would have good stories also). Absolutely magnificent sunsets! side story…I was walking home when I saw how beautiful the sunset was…so I RAN home, grabbed my camera and RAN back up the ally to O street to get shot shown first (I missed the best shot). 3 guys and a lady where walking up O street when I came running out of the ally and as I was taking the shot I heard them say “white lady running out of the ally on O street with a camera in her hands! Let’s get the #@*% out of here!”…LOL

5. 20 minute commute to work

4. being able to walk anywhere I want to go.

3. Saturday morning pastries at Catina’s bakery and vanilla latte’s at Big Bear.

2. The sound of the metro bus…my all time favorite sound of the city is the “chon choon choooon” sequence the bus makes as it is changing gears or slowing down! I know, I know…some people would think it’s the sound of urine hitting the ground or a house…but alas, it is not that 😉

Drum roll please….

1. Walking down N. Capital and getting asked on a weekly basis: “Scuuuz me ma’am…you lost?…you need some d’rections?”

**I get to see the Tshibaka’s every day (except when they are on vacation!)

My life has resorted to top 10 lists.

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