There’s nothing spiritual about hair

Seriously, and not that everything I write about needs to have some spiritual lesson, but my hair…? I really was itching for change. I wanted my pink hair back, I wanted to chop it off, I wanted to do something and couldn’t quite figure out what. And then there is the problem of where and who? Not a lot of options here in Goma. I went to a salon and asked a specific guy who seemed trusted if he could cut and color my hair. He said “yes, I’ve done white people hair so many times”. I triple checked that he could do highlights. He assured me he could… queue video…  

In the end. After the highlights…. (they were so bad) his response (I could not speak, but also could not shut my mouth) was “Is this not what you wanted?”… I just started laughing although part of me wanted to be mad. I finally was able to stop laughing and ask him if it was what HE WANTED?! He admitted it was bad and then he looked like he wanted to cry. He apologized profusely. What can you do? Nothing. So, since it’s just hair, there is no reason to get angry or to cry. Lot’s of other things in life could go wrong, so if a badger like highlight job (thank you Jennifer Clark pointing that out), that bleach burned my head, is the worst thing that happens to me, I think life is pretty good. Special thanks to my house mates for all the great jokes they made about my hair, and of course for filming for me while I dyed it. Also a big thanks to Vicky for having a friend bring me the hair color all the way from Belgium. And for everyone who reserved comments at church when I had to preach with spots. I think I covered it ok the week and a half I had to wait for the dye. 


In other news…the kindergarteners all jumped on me yesterday and I fell over. Now I have to tell them “slowly, easy” when the kids at our school run to jump on me. 


as for this last picture… I thought I was negotiating for a 50’s style swimsuit bottom. Ooops. The markets here are fun, you never know what you’ll find, and it’s nice to be welcomed by name at many of the kiosks

Much love from Goma!

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