Surprise! The tiniest surprise!

So this happened Monday…


I was talking to another staff member about fear and doubt, when mama Sarah came in with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face and said “Jenni!!… SIFA!!!” I was very confused for a second before it occurred to me that she was actually here, at the UJN center.

Sifa was very emotionally reserved when I saw her. I could tell she remembered me, but was probably confused as to where I’ve been. She came to me, and wrapped her chubby little arms around me tight, but did not want to look at me and did not smile. Later on, I asked her if she was happy; she ignored me. Then I asked if she was mad and she ignored me. Mama Annette asked if she was mad at Jenni and she said “Aye”… which is yes. I don’t blame her. It has been almost 4 months since I’ve seen her last. How do you explain my life to a 2 year old, and how do you explain “I’ve been looking for you for almost 2 months now”?!?!


So I simply continued to tell her how much I love her, how much I missed her, gave her A TON of kisses and sang to her (mostly songs I made up when she was sick, but others that were sang to me when I was a child). We ate lunch together with a lot of the staff. I think she finally forgave me.

She became much her old self while eating; laughing, telling me what to do, taking my hand and making me give her what she wants. Turns out, she really doesn’t like potatoes of any kind. First, she hated eating French fries at Easter dinner. She resisted roasted potatoes many times in the past… and monday; she smacked a sweet potato out of my hand to get it away from her face! She’s a feisty one. But not to worry… I cut the sweet potatoes up really small and mixed them in with her cabbage (which she enthusiastically ate?!).

She spilled water all over me, got her muddy sandals all over me, poohed in her cloth (like, t-shirt thin kind of cloth) diaper on me, dropped quite a bit of food on me. All while I was wearing almost white pants…. But seriously worth every stain to hear her laugh again and see that precious smile!


Sifa’s situation is still very cryptic, even though we were able to meet and talk to her new caregivers. Please pray that she is safe, healthy and taken care of. As for baby Augie… still no word as to where he was taken. I will update as I find out.

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