“the nasty dump truck that could”

It was just under two weeks before I was set to leave Goma. I was really tired and ready to see my family, friends and have some solitude. I remember praying all the way to work, telling God I just didn’t really have a lot to give. I didn’t think I had the energy to get through the next two weeks. That day turned out to be pretty amazing. Although I was tired (and admittedly grumpy), I was told multiple times that I was exuding joy. A few people even said they wished they had my attitude. I knew that could only be God. The condition of my heart that morning was not what others saw that day.

 If you have not watched my commute to work (found here), it can simply be described as expected chaos. The commute home every evening was always a little more chaotic than the morning. The oncoming traffic inevitably began to take over the entire road. And then of course I must always be aware of motos, people walking, bicycles, buses stopping without notice, people getting in and out of buses, walking into the road – usually without looking- cars coming around the sidewalk to cut you off, motos cutting you off. Chaos.

I think you get the picture…end of the day road side “party”.

This day in particular, my commute home was horrible. Even though my day turned out great, the drive home was the most stressful it had ever been. Next morning. Same thing, different day; tired and praying. That day was also the same, “Jenni! You are so full of Joy”. As I left the center to drive home, I remember telling God “I really can’t do this drive today. I don’t have the emotional capacity” and I started crying. In that moment a huge 1950’s, diesel dump truck, missing it’s front window and pumping out thick, nasty exhaust cut me off. So, naturally, my response was very human- I was angry. I couldn’t believe it. “REALLY?!” and now I have to sit behind this nasty truck while we get stuck here for 15 minutes…MINIMUM, breathing in its nasty smoke!!

Ready to explode with frustration, I realized we were moving… we were moving at a good pace. This massive “nasty” truck was actually clearing the road. He was essentially bulldozing all the invading mini buses out of our lane.  With tears in my eyes, I just started laughing.  

I find it incredibly surprising how God chooses to answer prayers. I could easily have been so caught up in anger and frustration and missed this moment. Sometimes I become fixated on HOW I think my prayers need to be answered that I easily miss how they were answered. I don’t want to live like that.

 As we got past the main congestion area I passed the truck on the right. I was more than amused to see the driver bouncing up and down on his seat (no shocks), rhythmically pulling the horn cable while waving people out of the road.  This prayer was answer so simply and totally unexpected. 

Much love, 


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