The Juror

I have had the honor of being selected to report for jury duty (oooh, ohhhhh!! PICK ME! PICK ME!!). I have been obsessing about this opportunity for at least 4 years now! I am ECSTATIC to serve the District of Columbia Superior Court!!

I have always wanted to be on a high profile trial…I want to be the bleeding heart conservative that can’t make up her mind and in turn is the “swing vote” that will determine the outcome. With all this in mind… the plan: after the trial get an amazing book deal (that of course turns into a movie & Katherine Heigl will play me), make some serious bank thus allowing me to travel the world on a really BIG catamaran (of course working remotely because I don’t want to quit my job!)…

July 15th is the big day…what to wear?…what to wear??!

seriously…if I don’t get selected I’ll probably cry right there in front of the judge and scream “WHY NOT?!”! Then sue the city for discrimination 😉

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  1. AHHH… What a great cover for your debut movie Katherine. Short story, I read the book when I was like in 6th grade or something. REALLY RACY. I don't think my parents had a clue that there was such descriptive language in it. Maybe it was like 7th grade, but still TOO YOUNG…I think I bought it at an airport bookstore or something… weird.

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