spit, mix, repeat…?

I’ve often said I have the immune system of a gnat. I get sick easy. This past year I really wasn’t sick that often, which is a miracle and huge answer to prayer! However, not so long ago I was sick. I still don’t know what was going on. I felt constantly nauseated, hungry- but no appetite; my balance totally off and only a 24 hour fever. After an unproductive trip to the UN hospital, where they proceeded to put me in ICU and give me a shot of some random brown mixture that did nothing, I went home to rest… still sick. Everyone suspected food poisoning because of how much I love to eat the food from vendors on the street. (I still don’t think that was the case).

Some of the staff members came to pray with me and see how I was doing. One friend expressed concern that I may have been poisoned. Poisoning is common practice in Congo. She recommended I go to a “natural medicine Doctor” to get tested for this. I balked because… aren’t most of these “doctors” witch doctors here? My friend guaranteed me that this “natural doctor” was not a witch doctor. So my driver and another friend took me to see this trusted “naturopath”.

We arrived in the neighborhood at an unsuspecting house with a little tiny hut, painted white with green trim, a sheet hanging in the entrance for a door and a disproportioned painting of a doctor holding herbs just to the right of the entrance. While my friend went to see if the doctor was available, I got out of the car and sat on the bench with the other people waiting to be seen. After a few minutes someone came out of the hut, and everyone on the bench motioned that I could go next… so I did.

I walked in, the “doctor” told me to have a seat. He only speaks Swahili, so my friend came to translate the 80% I didn’t understand. I was told to spit on a piece of paper… I did. He mixed what looked like nutmeg power with my spit, looked at it suspiciously and gave me another piece of paper to spit again. I did. After another long scrutinization of my spit mixture, he told me I was not poisoned. Of course not! I got up, pulled the curtains aside, and as everyone on the bench looked at me in suspense, I raised my hands in my best Rocky pose and said “Alleluiah! Merci Jesus!” (thank you Jesus!), to which my new friends on the bench all started to clap and laugh.

I’m good to go now!

much love, 


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