so then there’s that…

DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) or fear of peeing on yourself, you should not read this. Also, if you do not want to know me in a very close personal (some may say “too much information”) kind of way… 


However if the above mentioned topics are not a problem for you, please continue

So then there are the nights that you’ve been at a soccer game sweating, you walk home from it 24+ blocks-sweating and sit at your kitchen talking with your friends that went to the game with you till 10pm (you guessed it… Sweating)… All you want to do is go shower. Oops. You forgot to buy toilet paper today and it’s after 10, nothing is open… so you decide you’ll just pee in the shower. You have to pee bad. You get in, turn on the water, and start to ease your way into the (cold) water while starting to pee, just as a big roach runs up out of the drain (trying to escape the cold water) aaaaaand the water runs out of your cistern… While you’re still peeing on yourself and can’t seem to stop. Thank God for baby wipes. Thank mom for bringing them when she came to visit.

Please don’t let the roach part undermine the part about coming to visit 😉 

queue beautiful picture… who doesn’t love a beautiful picture to take their mind off of other not so beautiful images. 

view from the Citadelle

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