Plumpy nut heaven… Sifa and Augie 1.0

The video would have been longer, but I had to get Sifa more plumpy nut… 🙂

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I'm typically an over sharer, I don't embarrass easily, I like gnomes (please don't buy them for me), Cat meme's (I don't like cats), laughing, cold espresso with milk, spending time with friends and family, and I enjoy a good sarcastic banter... as long as it's not at someone else's expense. I'd also eventually like to develop a sound absorbing toilet. How can you support my work you ask? If you are interested in financially supporting my work, please send checks to my church with "Congo Missions" written in the memo line: The Lighthouse Fellowship 5200 Eisenhower Ave, #200 Alexandria, Va 22304

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  1. Thank you, Jenn, for sharing your heart so so beautifully, and openly, like the child of God you are. Praying for you, understanding how hard to let your little charges go on to where they are out of your sight. But not out of God's, and guess what, they are carrying a huge gift of your love in their hearts, forever. I don't doubt that the joy you rekindled in their spirits has made all the difference in their lives.

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