Do you want to partner with me to teach positive identity, healthy leadership and the love of Jesus? By making a tax deductible financial contribution to my mission work, you are! Without you, this ministry would not be possible. 

The Lighthouse Fellowship in Alexandria, Va is my home church. All donated funds designated with “HEARTCROSS LIFE” on the memo line of your check go directly to support me and my work.

If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor or sending in a one time financial contribution, please do so by mailing your check to:

The Lighthouse Fellowship
5200 Eisenhower Ave Suite 200  |  Alexandria, Va 22304
please remember to write HEARTCROSS LIFE

**NEW ONLINE tax deductible donation link <-click there

aksante sana! merci beaucoup! thank you so much!


“…we all wanted to work for the kingdom, to build a community of love, to let something happen that was greater than we were individually” – Henri Nouwen

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