Optimus Prime returns

I finally got to a point where I allowed myself to be sad, but not angry, and still remain joyful of my situation, thanking God for all He has blessed me with to this point. I’ve had so many sincere e-mails of encouragement, which I was honestly very thankful for, but these situations just take time. Multiple people have prayed for me to take courage and said specifically “some put their trust in chariots and Horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord”. Then this showed up in my morning reading. Then a friend here said, “I read this scripture and felt like it is for you”. With all this confirmation, I will continue to trust God. He’s got this.

So tonight I’m sitting at home and I hear a car pull up to my gate. I look outside all I see are the headlights, but I’m pretty sure it’s the General (the man who owns my house. He really is a General). Rumor has it that my computer is in his custody. I hear him talking to my guards, then the knock at the door… I open it but no computer. Then he pulls out the computer he’s hiding behind the door with a huge grin like a little boy! MY COMPUTER!! Optimus Prime (yes, that’s his name) is back in my possession, THANK YA JESUS!!!All I could say through laughter and tears was “thank you Lord for the General and returning my Computer!!”

General told us bits and pieces of the details. He was busy all day, but he wanted to surprise me and kept it on lock down. He said he had 7 investigators looking for it (him alone…this not including all the people from UJN). They are going to arrest the thief (his name is Patrick); when they recovered Optimus, good ol’ Patrick bolted out the back door of the house. They know where he is, they’ll get him soon.

I was crying and making jokes and dancing at the same time. I looked like a crazy person

No bible… yet. I have faith it will make it back to me. Either way I trust that this situation is falling in line with all that God is doing. But more than that, I trust that all God is doing, it’s for good. Bible or no bible. Journal or no journal. It’s for good.

He also said I can meet this Patrick if I want. OF COURSE I WANT! I told General I want Patrick to come to church with me. I joked that I would have to make sure he was tied to the seat and not within arms reach of my purse! But I definitely want to meet him before he goes to prison; I want to have an opportunity to meet him and show forgiveness whether he asks for it or not. 

Things I’m incredibly grateful for:

  1. I work for an organization with a foundation of relationship. People stepped into action for me because of the integrity and relationships built by Un Jour Nouveau. By Camille and Esther… 
  2. I did not have to pay any “fee’s” to get my computer back
  3. God gave me peace, I still have peace even though I don’t have my bible back (yet)
  4. I’ve learned a lot through the last 3 days
  5. God is good. (I would still be saying this even if I didn’t have my computer right now!)

Lastly, this is why I LOVE Mac’s (or one reason). Safety features. As I connected to the internet to post this… my mac (since I had remotely locked it and set to erase it) froze and required a code to keep it from locking completely down. I loved seeing the message in Swahili come across the screen… it said: “God will bring you your punishment, but return the stolen things to UJN and you will find forgiveness”. He’ll find forgiveness from me regardless. Un-forgiveness harbors bitterness, which will devour us, ultimately leaving no room for JOY. Not an option

Thank you again to everyone who has been praying! Please continue to pray for my bible, but more importantly for all of us in Goma, the work that God is doing here and for peace.

Much love from Goma!


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