Nepali Mission

I apologize for the horrible layout…this computer is so slow if I don’t just throw them on here I’ll never get a post up!!

did I say “Ni-Hao“?! I meant Kanichiwah!! oops! these Japanese people were very nice considering the insult of saying Hi to them in Chinese!!! :/

The bull on our hotel front porch every morning..
Napali women at the end of the day

Everest, Nuptse and I forget the 3rd peak.
Me and Mindi out front of Hotel Herati, Kathmandu, Nepal

quickly before my computer crashes: The airport and road to the small village of Khandbari is shut down…for whatever reason, we don’t know. We have thousands of dollars of medical supplies waiting to be put to good use and a team of volunteers anxiously waiting to help the local people. There is need every where we look but we can’t just set up triage on the streets of Kathmandu and start practicing. The process to find a clinic that can use our team on such short notice is a bit like trying to catch a baby pig during a rainstorm. We have been working withe the US embassy in Kathmandu to try and find placement (Thank you Jason for all your efforts!!). We flew to Pokhara yesterday and are fairly certain we will start with a local hospital here in 2 days (such is life in a 3rd world country).
IN the meantime I am enjoying just being with the local people. I was given a motorcycle tour by my new (and dear) friend Niraj. He and I have decided we are twins…He is an amazing man with a heart of gold! I am really captivated by the culture and the customs. life here is so different than anything I could prepare myself for. I am including a photo documentary for the time being. I’ll send updates as soon as we get more news. I am also including a video of the traffic situation…I thought China was full of crazy drivers. I think it’s far more chaotic here!!
Much love to you all, thank you for your support while I’m here!

so apparently the streets are two ways; bikes, scooters and people, chickens and stray dogs also welcome 🙂

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