No…I’m not dead. I just haven’t blogged lately…

I am not sure whether to be flattered or offended (the pants are HIDEOUS!!!) by the fact that Ann at work decided to dress as me for Halloween 🙂 OK…I just decided I’d be flattered. I mean come on! Most people choose to dress up as celebrities or something famous. I guess that means I am worth trying to look like (ego inflating as we speak) 😉 Hahaha!!

She is so observant…not only do I wear leggings with stirrup bottoms but I also have a pair with zippers on the side. Way to capture 2 great looks all at once. The only thing really missing is another inch or so on the heels…maybe next year.

(here Ann is seen laughing so hard she can’s even open her eyes!) I love the fact that she thought to put on a hat… I love my hats 🙂

I guess now all she needs is a pink Vespa to putz around on!! But otherwise, way to hit the nail on the head!

Happy Halloween!!

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