Granny rap star on the 80 bus…

Helloooo to my loyal blog fan base…all 7 of you πŸ˜‰ I find that living in the suburbs doesn’t give me much excitement and thus topics to blog about. However, I recently (meaning yesterday) went back to my neighborhood for a sleep over with some friends (yes, you’re never to old for a sleepover) and now I have a few things to share. The bus ride home this morning was by far the most hilarious part of my visit…only on N. Capital people!!…

Ok…I planned a women’s night for all the ladies in my church (we do this once a month) and invited a lot of other friends who brought their friends. Normally we do this at someones house or at the church and we have good food, an occasional bottle or two of wine, and a guest speaker. This month we decided to take advantage of the free jazz music in the sculpture garden. Great turnout, good music, good sangria and oops!! I forgot I don’t own a car and really don’t have a way to get home with Kelly Brooke isn’t there to drive me πŸ˜‰ LOL. I was going to take the metro out to Huntington and one of the Kelly’s or Niki would come and get me. So instead, at the end of the night Chirine asked me to come stay with her. Chirine, Jacquette and Jaclyn walked back to the hood (picking up falafal wraps at busboys on the way).

I felt like a little kid going to activity day at school. I was soooo excited to see everyone. As we round the corner I can hear kids playing. I got to see my precious God daughter Britney…she’s 13 now and is too cool to make a scene in front of all of her Jr. High friends…so I made a scene for her πŸ™‚ after that I saw Simone and Janice. Nice times. I walked around the corner to the B&V market and saw one of my favorite Friends…James. He wheeled over and gave me a huge hug! Brioni and Teddy were also so cute when I walked in. They really do all call me Jenny (which I hate) and they were so funny; talking about what houses in the neighborhood I can buy to get back here. All in all I saw SOOO many old faces and it was so nice that (almost) each persons face lite up and came and gave me a hug!

Ok, the cheesy part over….Here’s to the bus ride. I was walking north on N. Capital going with the girls to the junk shop on R street when the 80 bus came…so I took off running back down the street to catch it. I am wearing my back brace (yes, I am a XX year old trapped in a 90 year old body) with yesterdays clothes, I have my bag of blankets, the suitcase I call a purse, and my huge umbrella (all from last night). I make the bus and get my seat. Some guy sitting across the isle from me says “nice running to catch the bus lady…” with which I reply “THANKS!! I’ve been training for months”… he laughs and starts to talk to me…by now we are pulling up at the stop in front of B&V where a large amount of people get on the bus. This old lady who apparently love the color purple gets on and sits in the front….The bus starts to drive.

Next thing I know Granny Purple starts banging her cane against the floor and yelling: “Let’s RAP!! C’mon y’all let’s rap!!” And rap she did. She was rapping about the PO’leece picking her up and ‘resting her for something she didn’t do, all the while she’s telling the PO’leece to arrest the other girl (as she points to other passengers on the bus). The bus driver starts waving his hands in the air and trying to “beat box”, a few people are laughing and most are trying not to stare. I am smiling and watching the show because obviously she loves to entertain. By the time we get to Mass Ave. She is done and the entire bus starts cheering and clapping. Granny Purple proceeded to tell everyone she’s 79 years old and she “don’t drink no wine…this all natural”…whatever that means πŸ˜‰ So I candidly snapped a picture of her. I really regret that I wasn’t fast enough to get out the phone and record the show…Good stuff WMATA…The bus driver announced that if he had a turn table he would’ve “spun” for her…and he kept yelling out “WORD”. Oh…and do you think the girl in the white glasses even cracked a smile or acknowledged that something was going on…nope πŸ™‚



  1. "living in the suburbs doesn't give me much excitement and thus topics to blog about"


  2. BAHHHH! I knew you'd say that… I would think you would be thankful that your kid friendly neighborhood doesn't get past excitement stage 1…Which is "I fell down your stairs this morning and almost peed laughing" not City stage 1. a mentally unstable homeless guy and crack addict is peeing on my door. ;)I guess he could take the bus out to pee on your door! HAHAHA…mama

  3. Finally,Your blog about our street /neiberhood finds me .So I was wondering after reading your style why do not you write a book or a novel that you will easily publish..i can translate it into Arabic faithfully .
    Great work,please continue..

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