I said two blogs ago… “But I will… mark my words. I will ride a chukadoo down a hill in the near future.”

This is a Chuckadoo going down the road by my house. 
Well, today I had a meeting at the British Embassy outpost here in Goma by the border of Rwanda. The reason I tell you it’s by the border is so you understand that there is a lot of traffic there. Big trucks waiting to cross, lots of cars and a lot of motos waiting to pick people up after the cross. After we left, we were walking down the street when a chukadoo driver jumped off his very patriotic chukadoo, laid it on the ground and went into a store. The police officer sitting outside saw me eyeing the chukadoo and said “hey white girl, take the chukadoo” (in Swahili and French mixed). So I did. 

I picked it up. There were so many moto drivers and pedestrians there watching and wondering what I was going to do. Of course I was wearing 3″ wedges (I do that a lot here…not sarcasm, I do)and I’m sure most people were thinking I would just pick it up and look at it and then put it back down. 


I’ve seen this done enough to know how to get started…

So I gave Dieudonne my purse and I used my left leg to start to push, I maneuvered around Raj… our driver picking us up, and then when I had enough speed I jumped on with both feet and started down the ever so slight declining road to Rwanda. My form was excellent 

as you can see… my form is excellent. The guy in the green t-shirt running after me, then turning around laughing is the chukadoo driver. 
Please also add Chukadoo ninja to my repertoire. Since I didn’t actually know how to use the brake… or even if this chuckadoo had one… when I got to a certain speed and looked up to see a car coming toward me, I decided to jump off and turn around. Otherwise I was planning to rush the British embassy yelling with my best British accent “SANCTUARY”… but then I decided “maybe not”.
Chukadoos are HEAVY. They are solid wood. So after I got that sucker turned around (btw. the shock system was pretty comfortable) I skated my way back up the street to return the chukadoo.
I returned the chukadoo to it’s rightful owner with a loud round of applause from the moto drivers across the street. Next up. World domination. 
Much love from Goma. 

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  1. I always knew you were insane, Jenn. this confirms it!! I'm redoubling my prayers. Love you!

  2. I love this. Im happy you are doing us white mid-west girls a solid, by being your beautiful radiant self! Love you!

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