Bringin’ down the house(s)!! Literally

Right behind our good buddy Officer Wright (yay John! Your first cameo…that and I didn’t have any other pictures with the houses in them!) are the homes on Hanover Place that have remained vacant for over a year. Thoron Development bought the houses and let them sit while they worked on Permitting. During the permitting phase the houses became a breeding ground for drugs, sex, more drugs, and a shelter/bathroom for vermin and homeless people that broke in.
So Thoron Finally decided to do something about their embarrassing property. (side note: myself and many other neighbors had been requesting a fence be put up to keep out the “rif raff” for months…they kept say “oh, next week we’ll do that”. apparently their concept of a week is much different than a standard calendar! But at least now it is being done).
can you see the door hanging off of the side of the wall?! LOL. It is a shame that the developers couldn’t leave the facade’s of these beautiful old houses and build the condo’s behind it to historically preserve the integrity of the building and the original architectural style. I personally do not like the new condo design…But that’s just my opinion 🙂

the renderers for this image forgot to remove the two houses at the left side of the photo (the peach and brown brick house that Offc. Wright was in front of). Those are the houses (& lack there of) in the photo’s above.

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