Banana time?

My little bro’ sent me this photo a few weeks ago (Many thanks to an inner city missionary in Chicago with time to search the web!)… I laughed so hard when I first opened it that I literally went into a state of paralysis and couldn’t move. Tears involuntarily came from my eyes and I almost peed. Although I don’t laugh as hard when I look at this now, I still pop it open from time to time when I really need a mental break from work and a good laugh.

Now I am reminded of the men (there were a couple) that thought it would be a good idea to show me their “goods” last summer. Prime example: When I did own a car I would park it on the parking pad behind my house. In order to get there you have to drive down a tight ally with trash cans (of course most of the trash is on the street next to the can…putting it in the can makes too much sense), about 20 billion cats and from time to time a person or two. This was late July so the “block was hot” at this point due to the recent activities (another blog). It was a Sunday; the car had been parked on the street but needed to be moved before Monday morning (I had illegally kept my Maryland plates to save money) or else it would get a pretty pink parking ticket. I had been hanging out at Mrs. Jabella’s house and lost track of time…it was dusk (8:30/9ish). I get my car and head for the ally.

As I am turning the corner to the ally I notice that a guy (I did not know) who had been on the street and looking at me from time to time was walking down the ally toward me. as I slowly drove down the ally he proceeded to put his hand down the front of his pants. My first thought was “HOLY SMOKES, HE’S GOT A GUN”…within about 1.5 seconds I decided that if he pulls a gun on me to try and car jack me I was going to run him over with my car. I speed up to about 30 (in a narrow ally) getting ready to drive my car right into him…and then he pulled out his “gun”…SHEESH!! come on..seriously??

Soooo…with warmer weather I am seeing more and more people come out onto the streets that I haven’t seen before and I find myself pondering hmmm… “how many guys will feel the need to expose themselves to me this summer?” I am hoping that the answer is zero…

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  1. Muahahahaha!! Love it – thanks for posting that picture. Now, I’ll never be able to not find it again. I’m sure that’s not the only dude who’s showed you his banana, if you know what I mean *elbow poke*. Okay, totally just kidding 🙂

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