Art Therapy is real! I paint and draw as a therapeutic release of stress, worries, over thinking, etc… but I also paint because I love it. I love to watch color come alive; to see my emotions take shape, the good and the sad. 

Three Collections are available for sale. 

  • Repurpose
  • Choose Joy
  • Rest



Maintaining healthy boundaries in life is crucial. In ministry, it’s very easy to blur the lines between personal and professional; life is not 9-5. Taking time to sit in solitude with The Lord, re-center, and recharge is important. I didn’t do a good job maintaining those boundaries for a while and it took a toll on me emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

This is the Rest collection. Quiet, solitude and refreshed.



In Tiberius Israel, on sabbatical, shortly after deciding I needed to break off my engagement; a marriage that would take me away from God’s calling… I was given a word. Repurpose. God was realigning what was off. He was repurposing my giftings, my calling and my assignments.

He called me out in front of many other leaders and by a woman I did not know, to tell me “You are in MY purpose”.

This is a deeply personal collection, where old and unwanted canvases were painted over and “repurposed” for healing and the advancement of The Kingdom.

This is the Repurpose collection. The old made new.



On the mission field, away from the safety of those who truly know me. Those who have discipled me. Those who have seen the real me and accepted me anyway. Where I sometimes feel so alone, even when surrounded by so many other people. Where I often feel the darkness and evil I am standing against…

I have learned to choose JOY. To trust in the One who sent me. The only One who can see me through the darkness and sustain me with His goodness. I choose JOY and trust in the One who provides it.

This is the Choose Joy collection. There is darkness and vibrance, death and life.



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