#89 24i, Cap-Haitien, Haiti…

My house…
Now keep in mind that affordable housing in Haiti is hard to find. If I had $1000 each month to pay I could get a place that was nicer with hot water and AC… but I also don’t need or want AC, although hot water would be nice. My thought process (and this is just for me) is that the people I serve don’t have a lot of luxury so why would I need it? There are people in Haiti working with poor and have AC. I have no issue with that. This is just my personal decision.

Thus, we negotiated for the landlord to put in ceiling fans in each bedroom. I also have a stand up fan that burned out after too many power surges. It makes a nice clothes tree. When we have electricity the fans are quite nice 😉 The house is pretty cool because it’s a first floor apartment, my neighbors on the second floor tell me it gets pretty hot when the power is out. I also had some of our security staff members build a screen door for me. The breeze is so nice to have during the day without letting all the mosquitoes and flys in the house.
 view from the street.

my back door and propane tank for cooking 

Tipapi patiently hanging out at my house waiting for me while I work with a good wifi connection! He was pilfering wifi so he didn’t mind too much for the delay.

the “living room”…not a lot of living done here, just clothes folding.

This was Youvenx bedroom. Now its my guest bedroom.
my bedroom.
the bathroom.
This is the washing machine that was stolen from inside my house.
Roubi (9 months)

La Pousa (means “waiting for trouble)
And these are the guard dogs that did nothing to stop it 😉

And the occasional donkey caravan outside…  

And then of course there was Ti-Pierre, the little gecko who lived in my kitchen. He would sit on the screen and watch me cook or over the sink and watch me do dishes. He would hide in my dishes, or pop out of the pans. He also enjoyed playing in the clean ice trays. He was very friendly and eventually had no problems with me picking him up…especially if he was on the floor. I would put my hand down, he would run onto it and I would put him back up on the screen near the bugs. He was fun. I put some fly poison down on the other side of the kitchen… that’s all I can think of. I found Ti-Pierre on the floor in front of the oven one morning last week. I went to scoop him and he didn’t move. He was dead 🙁 I was sad. My little buddy is gone. Now I have another zondolit (gecko) but he’s fat and ugly and not friendly.

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